Work-focused Functional Rehabilitation Programme (WFRP)

The programme is suited to individuals whose ill-health is resulting in predominant symptoms of fatigue and pain. These symptoms will be limiting their daily activities, including their ability to work. The programme supports conditions such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and Covid-19. Also, cancer, neurological and chronic musculoskeletal conditions. Individuals should be motivated to improve their level of function in daily activity. Their end-goal should be return to work and sustained work engagement if already at work but experiencing difficulty. Referral to the programme is not appropriate where surgery is pending.

The programme is delivered on a one-to-one basis. It comprises seven one-hour remote sessions. Where the individual needs further time to achieve work readiness the programme limits to five sessions. These sessions focus on supporting health management and engagement in daily activities. Where appropriate, home-based work preparation activity is introduced during these sessions. This aims to support transition back to work by helping build stamina and confidence. The Healthy Work Balance sessions complete when the individual has progressed to work readiness. The full programme of seven sessions is delivered consecutively where the individual is work ready.

The programme supports individuals manage their health through greater understanding and practical strategies. The Consultant provides and signposts the client to tools, resources, and further support where appropriate. This might be practical, medical, or therapeutic support.

The Activity sessions help individuals analyse their own activity levels. They learn how to adapt their activity behaviours for a healthier balance. They are supported with activity planning and provided tools to manage setbacks and to progress their recovery.

Work Life balanceThe Healthy Work Balance sessions help individuals apply insights to a sustained return to work. This includes developing a personalised Energy Recovery Plan and Workplace Strategy Plan. These tools detail practical strategies to assist manage workloads and health at work.

Where appropriate, the programme can be delivered as separate modules. This may form part of case management directed by the Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant. Or in response to a specific one-off referral by a referring party where an individual is at work but experiencing difficulty. The Relaxation and Healthy Work Balance modules help by building personal resilience to sustain work.


Session one: Understanding Energy

Picture of a man with a battery
  • Interaction of the health dimensions supporting recovery
  • Understanding boom and bust
  • Common energy stealers and providers
  • The influence of emotional response
  • Building blocks to recovery
  • Spotlight on sleep, exercise, and healthy lifestyle

Session two: Benefits of Relaxation

Relaxing candles burning
  • Understanding fatigue
  • Understanding chronic pain
  • The influence of stress
  • Pain-Stress cycle and the Relaxation Response
  • Spotlight on rest, active relaxation, and relaxing activity

Session three: Activity one

Notepad of daily routine
  • Understanding activity demand  
  • Analysis of personal activity and activity behaviours 
  • Adapting and changing activity for a healthier balance 
  • Spotlight on balanced activity engagement

Session four: Energy Conservation and Work Simplification

Energy Efficiency graphic
  • The role of the 5 Key Ps – Prioritising, Planning, Preparation, Pacing, Posture  
  • Using energy with care during daily activities 
  • Influence of fatigue on cognitive function

Session five: Activity two

A man multitasking
  • Planning for a healthier activity balance 
  • Setting goals for recovery
  • Managing setbacks 
  • Introducing work preparation

Session six: Healthy Work Balance #1

Cup of coffee with a piece of paper and a pen
  • Planning a return to work 
  • Workplace energy stealers 
  • Personal Energy Recovery Plan 
  • 5 Key Ps applied to work

Session seven: Healthy Work Balance #2

A lady filling out her diary
  • Healthy home working 
  • Managing occupational stress 
  • Work life balance
  • Supporting cognitive function at work 
  • Personal Workplace Strategy Plan supporting workload management and health condition

What our clients have said:

“I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say how fantastic I have found the Work-focused Functional Rehabilitation Program over the past few weeks. I’ve been really impressed by the content and your delivery, and I feel that you have given me the tools and knowledge to move forward. I particularly enjoyed the relaxation elements, energy conservation and the activity planning workbooks – but the whole course has been awesome. I have already started implementing many of the tools and techniques you have shared – so I’d give the content and delivery 10 out of 10.”