Transferable Skills Analysis (TSA)

The purpose of Transferable skills analysis (TSA) is to provide recommendations on potential suitable alternative occupations based on prior work experience, training and education in addition to current interests, abilities and functional capability. TSA’s can be conducted solely by desktop with appropriate information provided by the referring party or Tele-conference (to include desktop) directly with an individual when further information is required.

Relevant information required

Relevant information required includes medical summaries or reports, career history, previous education and current interests. We use information provided by the referrer or obtained from the individual, career databases and websites to cross reference skills and potential alternative occupations.

Required skills, education and experience for alternative roles are taken into consideration in addition to salary and functional demands of each occupation. Form Health will provide a report to the referring company providing suggestions for alternative roles with rationale.


Our assessments are undertaken by professionals in the Vocational Rehabilitation or Occupational and Organisational Psychology field; all of whom have significant experience of conducting assessments within vocational rehabilitation.

Telephone assessment