Living Without Pain Programme

Understanding and Overcoming Chronic Pain

Current research tells us that most chronic pain is not due to structural problems, it is the brain’s response to threat; be that physical or emotional, such as trauma and stress. There is a growing body of evidence that chronic pain is just one of mind-body symptoms caused by a dysregulated autonomic nervous system – part of a maladapted threat/stress response (fight, flight or freeze response). These symptoms are real and include chronic pain, migraines, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel, anxiety and depression – to name but a few. Understanding this leads us to a new ‘mind-body’ approach for treating pain and other chronic conditions.

Our evidence-based pain recovery programme, ‘Feeling Safe’, is designed to help people recover from complex pain conditions, which are often associated with trauma or adverse childhood experiences and compounded by particular personality traits.

By reducing pain and improving an individual’s functional capability, as well as their emotional wellbeing, our programme assists individuals back to work.


Feeling Safe: Pain Recovery Programme The programme is led by Glyn Smyth, a physiotherapist and mind-body coach with over 30 years’ experience treating chronic pain and a trained SIRPA practitioner.


Referral Process

Prior to referral, clients are advised to have a free telephone call with Glyn to ensure that they understand this approach and are suitable for the programme. The programme consists of an initial assessment and a 4-week course programme, both delivered online.

One to one, online video call for 90 minutes.

This is to rule out structural disorders and serious pathology, supporting clients to understand the underlying causes of their symptoms and explain the process.

Sessions are weekly, two hour group therapy sessions, online for up to eight delegates.

Our evidence-based programme uses many self-help tools to deactivate the neural pathways that cause persistent physical symptoms like pain. The programme focuses on education, understanding chronic pain, pain reprocessing techniques, Mindfulness, dealing with past trauma and life stressors, building a better future, strategies to increase physical activity and return to work.

While we cannot guarantee that clients will recover fully, the initial results for the four week course show an overall 50% reduction in pain and other chronic symptoms, such as anxiety and depression, as well as a significant increase in readiness to work and functional ability.

Meditations and self-care techniques help clients to calm both the conscious and the subconscious mind and reduce the body’s stress response.

By understanding and reducing the impact stress has on their life, clients coping strategies are increased. Strategies to increase physical activity and return to work. As their symptoms and functional capability improve clients can return to their usual activities, including work.

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