Job search and Preparation skills

Job search and preparation skills are provided by non-clinical Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals with a background in supporting individuals with physical and psychological conditions. Support provided is remote, however, face to face can be offered if required.

Job Search and Preparation skills is typically used for:

Support provided:

The following support can be provided subject to individuals requirements and referral requests:

  • Collaborative action planning and goal setting
  • CV review and preparation support
  • Job search skills and signposting
  • Interview preparation
  • Disability disclosure guidance
  • Work placement/voluntary work guidance, if required.

The referring party and individual is provided with an initial assessment report outlining a clear plan with task ownership and timeframes.


Packages are bespoke and include time and duration limited support with clear goals.


Individuals are provided with specialist vocational support giving them the best possible opportunity to seek alternative work.