Coping with lockdown

At Form Health we believe that with multiple lockdowns happening in 2020 and 2021, learning ‘coping with lockdown’ techniques are more important than ever.  If you are a people manager then there are various factors for line managers to consider in relation to how lockdown and Covid may be impacting on employees:


· Is lockdown affecting their Mental Health and Wellbeing? Coping with lockdown

· Are they feeling isolated or fearful?

· How are they coping with lockdown? Is it affecting working location, patterns or routine?

· Are they managing to exercise, how are their eating habits?

· Are they in contact with others?

· Are there additional pressures such as managing a change in childcare demands?

Employees may feel anxious or afraid by the ongoing pandemic. Many people find change difficult, especially with coping with a lockdown and may be unprepared for further changes at this unpredictable time. Other stressors may relate to how restrictions are impacting on working life, job security, isolation and domestic circumstances.

After months of living with restrictions and without knowing when things will get easier this may leave employees feeling frustrated, powerless and lacking in control.

It’s understandable to experience these difficult feelings and emotions with regard to the pandemic. There is no ‘normal’ response to a pandemic, feelings will change day-to-day by situations which are unpredictable and uncontrollable.

How can line managers help?

Maintain contact

Encourage employees to maintain contact with friends and colleagues on a regular basis, maintain a routine, focus on good sleep hygiene and exercise.

Support available

Remind employees of support available from the business or encourage them to speak with their GP.

Take breaks

Encourage employees to take allocated breaks and focus on home-life at the end or their working day.

Remember – this is an unusual situation and things will not feel normal. Acknowledge that you and your employees might not be as productive as you usually would be. Be realistic about what can be achieved given the circumstances, relax, and undertake activities you enjoy at the end of the working day.

How can Form Health help?

Form Health can offer a short three-session remote programme with our therapists specifically focused on employees who are struggling with isolation, change and maintaining their wellbeing.

Sessions will focus on maintaining work boundaries and self-care. The therapist will provide strategies and tools to manage anxiety and isolation, supporting the employee with a Wellbeing Plan.

Due to the current unprecedented situation the world finds itself in, it is not possible at this time to perform some of our services, particularly those which require face-to-face assessments. Despite this, we have multiple remote services that Form Health are continuing to offer such as vocational rehabilitation, pre-employment screening, mental health assessments and active work solutions.

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