Active Work Solutions (AWS)

Active Work Solutions is a specialist service from Form Health providing solution focussed vocational rehabilitation and mediation services to UK and Irish Insurance and employer industries.

An Explanation of the service

Our experienced specialists are trained to a senior level in HR and are fully versed in all aspects of occupational mediation. They are drawn from a professional network of HR and operational management consultants.

At Form Health we have a UK and Ireland “hub” of independent practicing consultancy professionals who are used to working with large corporates as well as SME clients; this means regardless of the size of your business, we have the means and know-how to aid you every step of the way. All of our consultants are up to date on current legislation and best practice, and treat every case with sensitivity and pragmatism whilst being outcome focussed. Occupational mediation

Our training and philosophy is entirely different from the normal vocational case management and is based on the way relationships between employee and employer operate. We always seek out options from a commercial standpoint, whilst also taking into account the individual’s health position.

Mediation and negotiation between the parties is often an integral part of our service, and at Form Health we always seek out a “win-win” conclusion, by coming to an agreement that benefits all parties.

Once a solution is found, face-to-face meetings, and the use of occupational guidance tools, along with real career counselling experience are paramount. We also work on rebuilding relationships between the employer and employer which is often a strain on office relations.
In summary, AWS brings to the marketplace a difference that comes from within the background and hearts of our consultants, an awareness of the commercial constraints placed on an employer and where applicable, the insurance partners, by long absence cause and effect.

AWS in practice: